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Imran Khan Pakistan

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Imran Khan Pakistan; A Personal History book is a work of acute intelligence by Imran Khan. It has Pakistan’s history along with Imran Khan’s autobiography in which he has clearly mentioned all the challenges which he faced in cricket and in his humanitarian task. He founded his political party in 1996 and named it Tahreek-e-Insaf, Movement for Justice. He faced quite a tough time for establishing his political career. Politics is not really a bed of roses and Imran Khan realized it very soon when he got no seats in the election of 1997. He did not lose hope and consistently worked for establishing his party. It was then in 2002 that he got one seat. Although it was not a big success, it was enough to be heard on the large scale.


It is Imran Khan’s book and philosophy’s achievement that a huge number of common masses are supporting him against all the big parties of Pakistan. Hence PTI is considered a major political party because of his book and his work. Imran Khan Pakistan; A Personal History is a reflection of what Pakistanis want today. He clearly writes that Pakistanis want a corruption free Independent Pakistan and Imran presents this vision bravely without disappointing his people. Imran Khan Pakistan; A Personal History is not a criticism like most of the books by politicians which must be a reason of reader’s interest in it. His opposition to American funding, demand of withdrawal of Nato-led alliance, drone attacks are the crux which has made his famous book on all levels and has boosted Imran’s election campaign.


Comprehensive account of Philanthropic efforts and learnt lesson:

Imran Khan Pakistan; A Personal History is a comprehensive account of Imran Khan’s personal and political life. He narrates his success story as a cricketer, and how heroism turned his life to politics. His sport turned into a metaphor for all the coming events in his life. It proved later on, that a hero who won at a cricket ground; had the spark to become a national hero in Pakistan through his enlightened and charismatic persona. How his mother’s death led him towards an understanding of the depth of Islam which made up his mind to make Shaukat Khanum hospital afterwards. He was helped by the writing of Iqbal in his spiritual journey. He reported major as well as minor details of all his activities in his book. The Independent reviews that he had observed heroic moments during fund raising for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. The Telegraph book review includes his words and says that his faith and his philanthropic work grew together. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital like projects test faith and strengthen it too and Imran has similar experiences too.

It was not a simple journey. It was an effort which was self-less but his insight deepened with the passage of time. But it was a time when he saw the true generous people of Pakistan who were not rulers but common masses. While he got to know the reality he viewed the tyrannisers too. These were the initial experience which polished him in becoming a true leader of the common people. This was a time when he came face to face with the ground realities of his country, thus a decisive moment in his life which decided his vision and theory for the future. 

Optimistic views and steadfast attitude:

When you are reading this book you can feel that like a true patriot he felt that his country needs him and he has the talent to take the control of the situation like he controlled the situation of the World Cup of 1992. He did not perceive his country as a total failure or a total collapse. His optimistic view always supported him that he can still work to establish the right image of Pakistan, his beloved Country. He thinks his country only needs a clean sweep from corruption and elites ruling the country. 

Opposition and its result on Imran’s life:

He talks about his unwanted try to involve in arrange a marriage circuit before he met Jemima and then how Jemima came across a mystic who later on became Imran Khan’s religious guide. It was Mian Bashir who inspired Imran and Jemima. He includes in his book his marriage to Jemima Khan, and how his political opponents tried to turn his supporters against him. It was not just about his supporters but it also puts his marital life at stake which got an end.

Imran’s Philosophy for a prosperous Pakistan:

He has written that he wants an enlightened Islam which can lead to adopt positive Western democratic values along with the teachings of Holy Quran. It is the need of time to adopt the successful values which are adopted by Western people and secret of their progress. Countries cannot progress until and unless their citizens are not optimistic and flexible. Human beings go through growth changes all their life; same must be the situation with their thoughts and actions. Stagnant attitudes give birth to monotony and monotony cannot bring change. This is what he tried to present through his book. Imran’s vision inspired youth and those who wanted to break monotony. His philosophy is organized and well planned that is why his supporters are mobilized. His dream is clear to his people and has cast a spell on his people. His book has played a vital role in the presentation of his thoughts and presentation of who Imran is. Although he presents problems as severe problems of Pakistan, he is hopeful to find a solution for them. His' do or die attitude and steadfast idealism is highly appreciable, that has attracted a large number of readers who became his fans afterwards. Imran Khan faced troubles; he remained steadfast in his endeavors. He clearly describes his view that democracy is just a cover for Pakistani Political parties. Pakistan People‘s Party and Pakistan Muslim League are only corrupting the country, giving nothing to the people except leaving them in darkness. Even religious parties are not playing a constructive role in Pakistan. Imran writes that they lack true compassion and tolerance.

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