Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eric Laing

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About Author : 

J. Eric Laing was born and raised in the South but now lives in New York City with his wife and their two wonderful boys. 
He is the author of five novels: Cicada (general fiction), Seep (horror), The Night Watch (thriller), Scissors & Tweed (young adult), and The Crooked Man's Mile (general fiction), as well as a collection of short stories simply titled Shorts. Look for his latest title, Weird Tales to Tell to Strangers, coming this summer!
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The Night Watch :

Murder, sex, magic, and ancient Rome
A serial killer preys upon those who are truly the most dangerous game…the gladiators. As the killer collects macabre trophies, it falls to the Prefect of the Night Watch to end the madness.But this is Rome, where blood spills like wine, and dreams…they are all too often nightmares.


A family and community become swept-up in a tempest of violence and tragedy.
After John Sayre starts slipping off at odd hours from the family farm, his wife Frances begins to suspect that he’s joined a newly-revived chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. By the time their young son discovers the corpse of a lynched black man along the side of a nearby dirt road, Frances Sayre has had enough. But John hasn’t joined the ranks of the murderous KKK as his wife fears. Just the same, John’s secret has the potential to destroy their marriage, if not so much more. What comes to pass over those heated days of summer, none on any side could have imagined, or wanted. 
Kirkus Reviews named CICADA ”new and notable” as well as awarded it “Best Indies of 2012″ status, calling it a beautifully crafted tale with well-drawn characters, adding, “Be sure to read this steamy Southern noir in the AC.” 
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The Crooked Man's Mile:

When Conner Connley was six years old he killed a man…or so he was made to believe. From that lie is born a lonely life of homeless drifting and hardship on the road. A story at turns heartbreaking and humorous, bleak and then blooming with life, love, and hope. The Crooked Man’s Mile…one man’s epic journey to learn the truth and discover himself.
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