Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guest Post by Madhavi Sood


Thank you very much Faiza Butt, who invited me to write this Guest blog for her wonderful Repository of Books. Indeed I am very grateful & feel honored for this opportunity.
On different shades and hues of Life .....
I have seen Life at close quarters from being a high achiever at School & college and later at work. 
Every thing some how came to a stand still when I  had almost died that too in my prime, struck with disease and bed ridden (had a NDE  - near death experience). 
It was perhaps my zest for living, and love from my Family & Doctors care that brought me back from the depths of pain and darkness, for a purpose yet to fulfill  that perhaps egged me on to recover faster and write poems and stories and sketch & paint.  

Traversing and crossing the boundaries of spaces and times through my poems that reached out to me and my own soul and helped me move my body engulfed as it was in aches, pains and ailments. Writing set my soul free and helped my body too recover faster – for here I could express my innermost thoughts and feelings and simply be.
I Believe ..... Sometimes our deepest desires are the ones that push us to move on and do and become all we want to in Life.
At times, I had lost sense of myself in pain and at those times the Light & Nature beckoned me to pen poems and words which flowed down like a cascade, while I was still lying down on my bed; looking through the window at the sky & green trees by my bedside.

My Parents & husband and my in-laws supported me at each step and my Doctors counselled & treated me so that I could live again and come back from a crumbled building to one who could support others and sustain.

I have always been close to Nature and love kids. I feel there is a child inside all of us who gives us freedom to be what we are and can be.  And I am learning this each moment that I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter who teaches me and reminds me each step of the way.

The poems in this book “From the Silence Within”, were written by me whilst I was bed ridden and ‘fighting for life’  some time back.. Most of them are soul stirring, inspiring and motivating the self. Some poems are funny and a few lyrical and some romantic too.  Yet most of them are motivating and dealing with Life in its different shades and hues.

“From the Silence Within” 

“From the Silence within, shall bloom a thousand flowers.
Showered on life’s path, colourful and radiant like the stars.
And as each petal shall unfold.
A brand new verse, a poem, a, new story unspoken will be told.

And as you browse through each page.
A mystery, some wisdom sprinkled will uncage.
For in my silence you will find.
My feelings, my joys and my sorrows hidden behind.

And when I am gone and lost.
These few words do treasure and keep fast.
Just close your eyes and listen from the Silence Within.
For I’ll be there with you forever, through, thick or thin”.

© Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
Published in ‘From the Silence Within’

I do hope these poems move you, touch your soul and spirit  as much as I loved writing them, for they eased me from pain and gave me a hope to survive.
Hoping that my poems in my book  From the Silence Within  which is actually my soul's first flight  inspires you, awakens you too to become what you want to be and to spread your wings and soar high ...  

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  1. Beautiful post and poem, Madhavi. I look forward to reading your book.

    1. Dear Christine,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, hope you do like my book and poetry as much my soul felt free penning them down.

      With Best Regards