Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Dragon Blade" and "Dragon Fate" by J.D. Hallowell

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About Author:

J.D. Hallowell is a 50ish father and husband who is blessed to have lived an interesting and active life. His life experience includes such diverse occupations as automotive mechanic, photographer, and medical billing clerk. He has studied martial arts for over 30 years. He has been a soldier and an emergency medical technician, and has served as the chief of a volunteer ambulance squad. At one time, he was a diamond courier, and later owned a working kennel where he trained dogs for law enforcement as well as personal protection, and has most recently trained one service dog. Although he is now disabled by the cumulative result of injuries sustained both in and out of the military (he has been shot, stabbed, blown up, bludgeoned, poisoned, and has even had harsh language directed toward him), he writes, and has had two fantasy novels, Dragon Fate and Dragon Blade, published, and has several other fantasy and science fiction projects underway. His other interests include but are not limited to history, archery, cooking, and making jewelry. He currently lives on the Space Coast of Florida with his wife, his son, and his Great Dane service dog. 

Dragon Blade

Swords forged by dragon magic. Ancient rivalries flaring into all-out war. Dragon Riders caught up in a clash of hidden powers. A world hangs in the balance.
Dragon Blade, the second book in J.D. Hallowell’s War of the Blades, is the epic conclusion to the story begun in Dragon Fate.
Delno Okonan, his draconic bond-mate, Geneva, and their allies among the Dragons and Riders are once again caught up in events controlled by unseen forces. They must uncover the real secrets behind the death of a senior Dragon Rider and the sudden rise of the Roracks, ancient enemy of dragons and men, to defeat a threat that could destroy them all and leave the world they know forever altered.

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Dragon Blade at Amazon.com Dragon Blade at Barnes and Noble.com Dragon Blade at KoboBooks.com

Dragon Fate

Dragon Fate, the first book in the War of the Blades series, is a heroic fantasy adventure in the classic tradition of the genre.
Delno Okonan is a young former soldier eager to put the swords and strife of war behind him, when a chance encounter leaves him inextricably entwined in a tangled web of dragons, magic, and intrigue, as he struggles to find his place among dragons and men, and stave off a plot by renegade dragon riders that threatens all he now holds dear.
Buy Dragon Fate here: Dragon Fate at Amazon.com Dragon Fate at Barnes and Noble.com Dragon Fate at KoboBooks.com

Dragon Fate has been named one of the Top 5 Indie Books More People Should Be Reading by +Erin Eymard of +The Bookworm's Fancy and +The New Podler Review of Books .


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