By Donna McGarry.
ISBN 978-0-9820827-5-1.
Children's Fiction.
Publisher: Pollux Ink.

 Zodiacts: Leo Limelight Lunacy: This 40 page lavishly illustrated book introduces young readers to the extravagant energies of the zodiac sign Leo.

 The action unfolds when the regal and captivating Starrkitty discovers her competitor, Lola Leo, headlining a solo show. Kit is fit to be tied and scrambles to produce a rival spectacle. When she discovers that some aspects of show business, such as costuming and sound mixing, are best left to the experts, Kit goes Aquarian and assembles a stellar crew to help her shine. Which leading lady will steal the limelight under this attention craving Leo Moon?

Quirky and original Zodiacts provides celestial embodiments of the astrological signs. "The Sun takes a full month to move through a constellation," explains author McGarry.  "The fast paced Moon, however, races through in about two and a half days. My books focus on the influence the Moon exerts on moods and behavior as she passes through a sign. I've created colorful characters people can resonate with, thereby facilitating their understanding of all zodiac signs."

Merging surreal visual imagery with verbal whimsy, Zodiacts: Leo limelight Lunacy humorously explores themes of egomania and self-absorption. It is a joyful read for the five to seven year old crowd.

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Donna McGarry is the author of five books in the Zodiacts series. She's a life-long lover of the cosmos and a level one graduate of the Steven Forrest Astrology Apprenticeship Program. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her leonine shih-tzu Gizmo.