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by David Whitehouse

  • The book was the best seller debut in the United Kingdom.
  • It is one of the most talked debut novel of the year.
  • Subject of Novel: Dark funny, Fiction.
  • Characters in Novel : Malcolm Ede, Lou, father, mother, brother.
  •  No of pages: 320
  •  Date of publish:  Aug 2011
  •  Storyline
The Bed is a debut novel written by the journalist David Whitehouse. Though this novel did not make much of a position that is worthy of a prize but it is an influential piece of writing. The novel has a funny plot with some hilarious acts done by the main character Malcolm and the jokes he shared with his brother.This novel was considered as the best seller because of its unique story line about the life and the events that happens to a boy named Malcolm. He who got disappointed in his early years of life and decided to live in his bed for a lifetime. Malcom became fatter day by day, and her mother keeps on feeding him throughout the span of life. The story has five characters a girl name Lou, who was loved by Malcolm (a fat boy), a father, mother and a disappointed brother, who eventually come back disappointed after facing the life and its brutality. The story has its own meaning of life and the extent of displeasure and distress that a young boy had and decided to get into his childhood bed even when he can go and move around. He was mama’s boy loved by her mother too much and was frightened of taking responsibilities of a grownup. Like doing a job, earning money, paying the utility bills, responsibilities of household etc.


The Thread

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by Victoria Hislop
  • The novel was a hit and attained the rating of 3.9 on Goodreads.
  • The novel was so interesting, succeded to attain 819 review on Amazon .com
  • Subject of the Novel: Thrilling historic fiction.
  • Characters in Novel: Katerina Sarafoglou, Mother, Eugenia, Dimitri Komninos
  •  No of pages: 480
  •  Date of publish: October, 2011
  •  Storyline
 The thread is most awaited book by the renowned novelist writer Victoria Hislop. Her other novels are also successful. That facilitates her name with fame by her strong writing style and  well-built expression she uses to depict the original scenes in such an influential way. One cannot stop reading the book. The story revolves around the girl who lived in an area where people of different ethnicity used to live such as Muslims, Jews and Christians. The young girl Katerina was dispersed from her family when the Turkish attacked the area. Unwillingly she was set on a journey alone to Greece where she met a guy and fall in his love. The complete story revolves around the enthralling chronicle of terror and fear she faced in her life in the Greece where she had faced the brutality of war, terrorism, the Nazi attacks and the economic instability of Greece. The narration moves through the strong emotions of a girl her deprived relations, the struggle throughout the life with her relationships. The author tries hard to make the reader lucid about the events that has happened during the world war II.
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Into the Darkest Corner

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By Elizabeth Haynes 2.
  • The novel has the rating of 4.5 on Barnes and Noble.
  • The novel gained the position of the Amazon’s best book of the year 2011.
  • The book made its position among the readers and won the Amazon Rising Star ward in the year 2011.
  • Subject of Novel: Fiction thriller.
  • Characters in Novel: Catherine Bailey, Lee Brightman,  Stuart and friends.
  • No of pages: 432
  • Date of publish: February 1st, 2011.
  • Storyline 
The book is a romantic thriller comes around the Catherine Baily. An independent girl who was enjoying her life with her friends. She was not involved with anyone till the time she met an enchanting man named Lee Brightman who was handsome, passionate and an obsessive man. Catherine falls in love with him soon she started getting intimidated by his violent behavior. It is the voyage of a transition of an independent girl who turns to be a scared individual. A person who used to tell her story to her friends to help her and no one believes.  Soon she gets trapped in the darkest corner of her life. It is a story of a struggle where she just not got doomed in the dark and twisty life. But the struggle of a girl who got into an ambush and coming out from the oblivion of life. The Elizabeth Hynes 2 has depicted a beautiful script which continuously grabs the attention of a reader and continue reading without finishing.

A man of Parts

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by David Lodge
  • It is a great achievement of David Lodge to grip the original information about HG Wells. It is a remarkable work. 
  • Subject of Novel: Fiction, Biographic novel on HG Wells life 
  • Characters in Novel: First wife, second wife Jane, Rebecca, Amber Reeves, Margaret Sanger, Elizabeth von Arnim (the novelist) and many other mistresses and wives. 
  • No of pages: 576 
  • Date of publish: March 31, 2011 
  • Storyline
The novel A man of parts is a biographical description of the life of not so good looking, handsome but a man who believed in unconditional love and barrier free relationships. The story is well written after a hard work of combining the stuff from the HG Wells life. This story is the combination of curiosity, wildness and the unexpected but intentionally made relationships of an unsatisfied man who is always in the quest to experience more in his life. A man who had plenty of relationships, wives and children who could not resist in making the bonds with different women. A curious man who wanted to experience the things before writing them and to be published for the readers.
The novel is factual, David Lodge did a very restless job to grab the information in an accurate manner to be written about HG Wells has spent his life while living with more than 100 women. This story does not tell about the man who was disturbed emotionally, but revolves around the curious man and the unsatisfied expectations of women.


Pigeon English

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by Carol Birch
    • The novel is the debut attempt of the writer Stephen Kelman and nominated for the Booker prize in 2011.
    • It is also successful in making a position with the publishing organization Bloomsbury for the sake of Parental advisory especially for the growing up kids.
    • Subject of Novel: Fiction Thriller
    • Characters in Novel: 11 year old Harrison Opuku, his midwife mother, 14 year old sister Lydia, father, baby sister, Dean and trainer.
    • No of pages: 263
    • Date of publish: January 2010
    • Storyline

    The Pigeon English is a novel that got popular before its publishing due to its topic and inspiration taken from the novel murder of Damilola Taylor in 2000. It is a debut novel by Stephen Kelman and he never expected that his novel will be a big hit by having a nomination in the Bookers Prize in the year 2011. Firstly the novel was considered as the novel for children, but soon it got popular among the adults of all ages. The story was about the shy boy who shifted from Ghana to London. The way he faces the changes of culture and community when his friend got murdered and there was no one who bothered to find the killers even the Police went silent.That was the time where he started his journey with a friend to find out the murderer and the gang behind his friend’s death. The story is emotional and a lesson for everyone in the society that no one is superior or inferior. It is always the effort of an individual who makes the changes in the surroundings he/she lives.

    Jamrach’s Menagerie

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    by Carol Birch
    • The novel was nominated for the award of the Man Booker Prize in the year 2011
    • Subject of Novel: Historical Fiction
    • Characters in Novel : Jaffy Brown, Tim Linver, Dan and Charles Jamrach
    • No of pages: 304
    • Date of publishing: June 14, 2011
    • For Storyline
    This Jamrach’s Menagerie is the 11th novel by Carol Birch, and it has made a big position in the market after a long writing career of almost 25 years. The novel was a great success and got into the list of the award named Man Booker prize. Which is really one of the greatest achievement she has ever gotten. The novel became the second best seller novel in the market and won the prize of 50,000 pounds. The novel was second to the Julian Barnes novel. It is a novel based on the 19th century where a street boy called Jaffy Brown was attacked by the tiger which got escaped from the menagerie.
    It is a journey of Jaffy and his journey that alters his personality. The story line moves on a journey where Jaffy and other fellows reached a point which had made them force to eat each other by killing their own species. At last only three people were left behind. In that quest of hunger Jaffy killed his best friend, the regret and the misery led him the lifetime depression and sorrow. The story revolves around the transition of different emotions a man goes through his life, in the time of happiness and at the time of need.

    A Cupboard Full of Coats

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    By Yvvette Edwards
    • Nominated for NAACP image award for literacy debut
    • longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. 2011
    • Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize
    • A Kirkus Best Book of the Year Subject: Tragic.
    • Main Characters : Jinx, Berris, lemon
    • Number of pages:  272
    • Publisher :  OneWorld
    • Publishing DateJuly 31, 2012
    • Storyline 
    ·   The novel “A cupboard from the coats” is Edwards’s first publication which has a strong theme behind it, truly representing the womanhood. It is a drak novel and this made the readers of the novel anxiously wait for Edward’s next novel. There were parts of the story that were difficult to grasp for the reader and a few of them which annoyed a few as well, but over all it was a good read. How severly a few dicisions can change lives, makes one get lost into the novel. The story of the novel is based on an abusive relationship of a girl with her mother. The story is based on themes like jeallousy, tragedy, pain, guilt and hatred. The story is based on a 30 year old lady, Jinx whose character is well examined by the flashbacks seen in the novel. She is has grown into a person who is broken from inside because she was the on who brutlly killed her mother. Lemon is another character in the story who is jinx’s mother’s friend whome she sees him after 14 years. They both spent time together discussing Jinx’s mother, especially what Jinx did not like about her. There are a few full of emotion scenes in the novel where Lemon cries with Jinx which adds to the beauty of the novel. The descripition of woman crime is beautifully added to the novel. This is a master piece and a must read book!

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                          by Andrew Miller

    Best Novel of the year 2011
    Winner of the 2012 Costa Prize
    shortlisted for the 2012 Walter Scott Prize
    Characters : Jean-Baptiste Baratte, Armand, Héloïse Goddard, Lecoeur, Ziguette Monnard, Marie, Jeanne, Dr Guillotin, Père Colbert.
    Subject : Historical Fiction
    Pages : 346
    Published In : 9 June 2011
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    Death Comes to Pemberley

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    by P.D. James

    The detective sequel to Pride and Prejudice
    Pages : more than 300
    Published In : December 6, 2011

    The Sense of an Ending

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    by Julian Barnes
    Nominated by 15 Top libraries worldwide.
    Winner of 2011 Man Booker Prize (Reference).
    Nominated in the Best Novel category at the 2011 Costa Book Awards. (Reference)
    Subject:  Contemporary Fiction
    Pages : more than 150
    Published In : 4 August 2011
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    The Stranger's Child

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    by Alan Hollinghurst

    Man Booker Prize Nominee for Longlist (2011).
    National Book Critics Circle Award Nominee for Fiction  (2011), 
    Galaxy National Book Award for Waterstone's UK Author of the Year (2011)
    Subject:  Fiction 
    Pages : more than 560
    Characters : Cecil Valance, George Sawle, Daphne Sawle, Hubert Sawle, Freda Sawle.
    Published In : July 4th 2011.