Friday, April 26, 2013

Pigeon English

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by Carol Birch
    • The novel is the debut attempt of the writer Stephen Kelman and nominated for the Booker prize in 2011.
    • It is also successful in making a position with the publishing organization Bloomsbury for the sake of Parental advisory especially for the growing up kids.
    • Subject of Novel: Fiction Thriller
    • Characters in Novel: 11 year old Harrison Opuku, his midwife mother, 14 year old sister Lydia, father, baby sister, Dean and trainer.
    • No of pages: 263
    • Date of publish: January 2010
    • Storyline

    The Pigeon English is a novel that got popular before its publishing due to its topic and inspiration taken from the novel murder of Damilola Taylor in 2000. It is a debut novel by Stephen Kelman and he never expected that his novel will be a big hit by having a nomination in the Bookers Prize in the year 2011. Firstly the novel was considered as the novel for children, but soon it got popular among the adults of all ages. The story was about the shy boy who shifted from Ghana to London. The way he faces the changes of culture and community when his friend got murdered and there was no one who bothered to find the killers even the Police went silent.That was the time where he started his journey with a friend to find out the murderer and the gang behind his friend’s death. The story is emotional and a lesson for everyone in the society that no one is superior or inferior. It is always the effort of an individual who makes the changes in the surroundings he/she lives.


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