Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Thread

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by Victoria Hislop
  • The novel was a hit and attained the rating of 3.9 on Goodreads.
  • The novel was so interesting, succeded to attain 819 review on Amazon .com
  • Subject of the Novel: Thrilling historic fiction.
  • Characters in Novel: Katerina Sarafoglou, Mother, Eugenia, Dimitri Komninos
  •  No of pages: 480
  •  Date of publish: October, 2011
  •  Storyline
 The thread is most awaited book by the renowned novelist writer Victoria Hislop. Her other novels are also successful. That facilitates her name with fame by her strong writing style and  well-built expression she uses to depict the original scenes in such an influential way. One cannot stop reading the book. The story revolves around the girl who lived in an area where people of different ethnicity used to live such as Muslims, Jews and Christians. The young girl Katerina was dispersed from her family when the Turkish attacked the area. Unwillingly she was set on a journey alone to Greece where she met a guy and fall in his love. The complete story revolves around the enthralling chronicle of terror and fear she faced in her life in the Greece where she had faced the brutality of war, terrorism, the Nazi attacks and the economic instability of Greece. The narration moves through the strong emotions of a girl her deprived relations, the struggle throughout the life with her relationships. The author tries hard to make the reader lucid about the events that has happened during the world war II.
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