Friday, April 26, 2013

A man of Parts

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by David Lodge
  • It is a great achievement of David Lodge to grip the original information about HG Wells. It is a remarkable work. 
  • Subject of Novel: Fiction, Biographic novel on HG Wells life 
  • Characters in Novel: First wife, second wife Jane, Rebecca, Amber Reeves, Margaret Sanger, Elizabeth von Arnim (the novelist) and many other mistresses and wives. 
  • No of pages: 576 
  • Date of publish: March 31, 2011 
  • Storyline
The novel A man of parts is a biographical description of the life of not so good looking, handsome but a man who believed in unconditional love and barrier free relationships. The story is well written after a hard work of combining the stuff from the HG Wells life. This story is the combination of curiosity, wildness and the unexpected but intentionally made relationships of an unsatisfied man who is always in the quest to experience more in his life. A man who had plenty of relationships, wives and children who could not resist in making the bonds with different women. A curious man who wanted to experience the things before writing them and to be published for the readers.
The novel is factual, David Lodge did a very restless job to grab the information in an accurate manner to be written about HG Wells has spent his life while living with more than 100 women. This story does not tell about the man who was disturbed emotionally, but revolves around the curious man and the unsatisfied expectations of women.


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