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by David Whitehouse

  • The book was the best seller debut in the United Kingdom.
  • It is one of the most talked debut novel of the year.
  • Subject of Novel: Dark funny, Fiction.
  • Characters in Novel : Malcolm Ede, Lou, father, mother, brother.
  •  No of pages: 320
  •  Date of publish:  Aug 2011
  •  Storyline
The Bed is a debut novel written by the journalist David Whitehouse. Though this novel did not make much of a position that is worthy of a prize but it is an influential piece of writing. The novel has a funny plot with some hilarious acts done by the main character Malcolm and the jokes he shared with his brother.This novel was considered as the best seller because of its unique story line about the life and the events that happens to a boy named Malcolm. He who got disappointed in his early years of life and decided to live in his bed for a lifetime. Malcom became fatter day by day, and her mother keeps on feeding him throughout the span of life. The story has five characters a girl name Lou, who was loved by Malcolm (a fat boy), a father, mother and a disappointed brother, who eventually come back disappointed after facing the life and its brutality. The story has its own meaning of life and the extent of displeasure and distress that a young boy had and decided to get into his childhood bed even when he can go and move around. He was mama’s boy loved by her mother too much and was frightened of taking responsibilities of a grownup. Like doing a job, earning money, paying the utility bills, responsibilities of household etc.


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