Sunday, April 28, 2013

Before I go to Sleep

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By S.J. Watson
  • The book has been sold in more than 42 countries.
  • It has been recognized as one of the best debut novel, considered as the best seller.
  • Subject of Novel: Psychological thriller
  • Characters in Novel: Christine, Ben and Doctor Nash, Clair
  • No of pages: 384
  • Date of publish: April, 2011
  • Storyline

Before I go to sleep is a fiction thriller novel that is regarded as the best seller novel of the year. S.J. Watson’s debut thriller novel revolves around the story of a girl who had an accident in her past which made her memory to lose. Daily she wakes up; she finds herself a new person and forgets whatever has happened in her past or even the last day. The story line is thrillingly drawn into finding herself among the people around her, she doesn’t know, even his bedside partner (Husband). In finding herself she was consulting a doctor who told her to start writing a diary, a diary that will keep important information about her and the events that are occurring around her. So when she wakes up daily, she must have a glance about what she does in her daily life. The story is a quest of a lost girl who read in her journal that “Don’t Trust Ben (her husband). Why this statement was written in the journal. The mental
Trauma she was facing every day. It feels so frightening if one wake up a morning and forget everything that has happened in its life. It is an intimidating chronicle of a girl who is her own intimidator, because her memory was lost and was doomed whom to trust when she does not know herself.


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