Monday, April 29, 2013

The Second Coming

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By John Niven
  • Won IMPAC dublin Award 2013 Long list.
  • Subject: Religion/ Fiction.
  • Main characters: Niven, God.
  • Number Of pages: 384.
  • Publishing date: March 5, 2012.
  • Publisher: Vintage.
The story in the novel is far more than good to read. It has a deep intelligent irony in it. The characters are just too excellent. Scenes on the rad trips are just too descriptive and fantastic. It has a clever touching with little bits of funny elements as well. Niven is a great fiction writer and he has presented a great art of conversation with God that is very interesting and adds to interest of the reader. The idea of God and His team in the heavens is a great dream that lays in mind of almost every individual, mostly in the form of personal conversations, arguments, and complains. The idea behind the book is just too excellent. Representation of idea is also good. Novel is an adult read only because of frequently used F-WORD in the novel which adds to the story line but I still think this need to be omitted from the novel. Because adding F conversations are just too much for the novel like this. Other than this novel has a great humor that is very appreciable. Niven clearly explain how this world has become today adding funny descriptions. Inspite of a few things in the novel that are not really appreciable and good for young readers, all over the idea of the book is awesome and would have been a magical read if the language of the book was a bit soft and brought up in a bit well manner.


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