Monday, April 29, 2013

Half of the Human Race

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   by Anthony Quinn

  • The book got 3.65 rating on good read.
  • Subject of Novel: Historical, Romantic fiction.
  • Characters in Novel: Will Maitland, Connie Callaway, Mother, Tam.
  • No of pages: 496.
  • Publisher: Jonathan Cape.
  • Date of publish: Febraury 1, 2011.
Anthony Quin is an American famous actor, a painter and a well known writer. He has the artistic approach in his work. Though the novel Half of a human race is a piece of art, romance and the struggle of half of the human race that is women and her rights. The story covers the era between 1910 to 1920 where the English society was having a change in their policies regarding women's rights and political interests. It is the story of a suffragette named Connie Callaway, a girl who fights for her rights, not being the conventional girl who dreams about a perfect marriage. She was fighting for her rights for voting, being the part of the nation’s biggest riots. She wanted the women must have the right to vote. She wanted to be a part of champaign the world has ever seen. Where the charming, handsome and somehow the orthodox cricketer falls for her appealing personality and the courage for the cause, the way she speaks, he cannot get away from her charismatic personality. The journey of life, the spiritual love, the romance between both the independent and headstrong individuals takes them to a point of life, is the story half of the human race. It may sound old or freaky, but love with a narrow minded male and an impulsive and strong woman is hard to exist. The story revolves around the struggle of life, relationships, rights, bonds and much more.

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