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by A.D. Miller
  • The Times (Kate Saunders): The story is convincing and a full gripping Novel.
  • The Seattle Times (Adam Woog): A.D Miller has given the organized writing piece for the life of Moscow of the glitzy era. The Independent (Leyla Sanai): The debut novel is electrifying, catchy and a heart touching view of the dark life of Moscow and the human.
  • The Financial Times (Adrian Turpin): A. D Miller has shown the alluring and exciting portrayal of the life with no fear and anxiety but deception.
  • Subject of Novel: Fiction, Action Thriller, Suspense.
  • Characters in Novel : Nicholas Plat, Masha and Katya, Tatiana.
  • No of pages: 272.
  • Date of publish: January 1, 2011.
  • Publisher: Atlanta Books.
The debut masterpiece by A.D Miller is highly acclaimed novel among the readers and the reviewers. This is a story of a man who was enjoying his free life laundering without money and parties Nicholas who was a lawyer. He gave up his life for the dream life he wanted to live with money, excitement and partying all the time. He has no concern with what he was doing, he just wanted the money he was earning and spending in the way he wants in Moscow. Moscow is known for its thrill, underworld life, social betting, fraud and much more. It is a story full of thrill, breathtaking events and suspense about the crime, corruption and underworld life that prevails in Moscow. Eventually the man who wanted a free life who gave up his career as a lawyer for the sake of fun, thrill and ecstasy and got indulged in all these activities and never thought, if he was doing something wrong. Finally Nicholas who was flying high in the clouds met an enchanting woman with an eye catching personality Masha, protected her from the purse snatcher and fall for her. The novel has a suspense storyline, while predicting who is truthful and who is faking for love, lust and money.

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