Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Dear, I Wanted to Tell You

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    by Louisa Young
  • The novel was shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award in the year 2011.
  • Subject of Novel: Fiction, Romance
  • Characters in Novel: Riley Purefoy , Nadine Waveney, Peter Locke, Julia, Rose
  • No of pages: 336
  • Date of publish: March, 2011 
  • Storyline
The writer Lousia Young is a story writer, a biographic compiler and a well known journalist. She has many publications under her name. She is a fine writer with a one more finest novel with the depiction of the World War I. The story combines with the emotion, love and compassion of lovers, husband and wife and brother and sister. The story initiates with the sparkling love between a young boy Riley Purefoy meets Nadine Waveney. Soon the World War I initiated, the compassionate Riley joined the Army to fight for his country. Then the story moves through a couple’s life where the husband Peter and wife Julia had to face the distances they were never having ever before. Where Peter has also gone to the War zone. The women who were staying at home used to wake up every morning with a prayer and hope that their beloved men will soon come back home soon. There is a struggle of love, and the traumatic men who had returned from the War and turned out to be completely changed men. The novel is a staunch piece of writing for every reader,  the pain and grieve, the women and men faced in the War. The love they have lost in order to protect their country. 


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