Monday, April 29, 2013

The Invisible Ones

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By Stef Penney
  • Won prestigious Costa Award. 
  • Won IMPAC Dublin award 2013. 
  • Subject: Crime
  • Main characters : Leon Wood, Rose Janko, Ray.
  • Number Of pages: 416
  • Publishing date: January 2012
The main theme of the novel is mystery and thrill. It is one of the great Novels of Stef Penney. The story is strong with considerate characters. The way story has been told through two characters makes it easy for the reader to understand it. The words used in the story are harsh and not really decent but this makes sense to the novel because the story is based on the crime. Penney’s writing style in the novel about the Romany people added a great mystery to the story. She gives genuine portrayal of characters through her words. The story is about a private investigator Ray whose arm has been paralyzed and he is admitted in the hospital. He was supposed to find Rose, who was wife of the son of the member of the gypsy family. This happened before his going to the hospital and the case was 7 years old. Ray was half Romany. He knew well that he was not selected due to his good working skills, but for his blood. But surprisingly he wasn’t expecting hostile attitude from the Jankos a person with a disturbed and tragic past. Their conversation is based on what helped Ray in suspecting Rose. Inspite of all the tragedy. The story has a proper ending, where both the narrators have a happy ending and they manage to move along the life. At the end of the novel there is a feeling of satisfaction which adds to the beauty of the novel.

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