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The Book Repository  is a staunch combination of all the books from every corner of the world and for every individual from any field, interest or any school of thought. It is a service we want to provide to the booklovers present around the globe. There is an extensive variety of books and menu scripts such as Fiction, Adventure, Autobiographies, Books on History, Cooking catalogs, Inspirational story books for children, Religious books,  Political books, Science Fictions, Folklores, Fantasy novels and much more. The Book Repository is a vast treasure that has been preserved especially to applause the writer's efforts and  to provide a complete information about a book from its achievement to career of authors. We are a small team of 2 hard working authors who work day and night to provide the most accurate information and the outline that can give you an outlook of the book. This is the platform that has got a life due to the vision of the person who is having  a birds eye view for this catalogue of an unusual collection of books, that has never been collected this special way. The person who is pulling every string to tune us “The Owner and moderator  Faiza Iqbal”.
People do talk about the Software Engineers that they are dry and don’t have much spark in their lives. But Faiza Iqbal is on the verge of“Turning Tables”. Being a Software Engineer she had a vision, mission, goal Or one can say the Target to create a podium for the bookworms to find out about books that are recent or ancient at one display place. She is so intimate with books, doesn’t see them as a piece of colored pages with anything written but as a way of inspiration. She is a planner, an executor and a self-starter and here is her stupendous output in the shape of “Book Repository”.


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