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Emerge by S.E.Hall

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Laney Walker is a quick witted, athletic, southern girl who lets few get too close. Evan Allen is her rock; the chivalrous hometown hero who’s always loved her. No sooner than they finally delve into romantic feelings for each other, college sends them packing, miles apart.

Laney is slow to adjust to life with a new team, fanciful roommate and co-ed dorm, but one night changes everything and her heart is left divided.

Dane Kendrick is sexy, debonair and mysterious…and the pull to him cannot be ignored. He draws out parts of her she never knew existed. What would happen if she let go of her lifelong reservations and took a leap of faith into what she never knew she wanted? A jump that Dane seems more than happy to help her through.

What do you do when there is no wrong decision? 

Author bio:

S.E.Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 17 years and 3 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading YA and NA romance.

What people are saying : 

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Do you ever get that shaky feeling, you know the mix of excitement, anticipation and nerves all rolled into one when you read a good book? Well neither do I, but I do get those feelings when I read an extraordinary book and this is one of them!

Laney is your average tomboy with some major trust and self-esteem issues from her mom leaving when she was young. What she doesn't realize is that she is the only one who sees her as average. Everyone else sees a gorgeous, intelligent girl who isn't afraid to be real and herself. She has no idea the effect she has on people especially the opposite sex.

Evan is your hunky All American boy next door who just happens to play football as well and just happens to be Laney's BFF. He has loved Laney with everything thing he is since they were 10 but his timing is atrocious. He decides to tell her how he feels towards the end of their senior year. When they realize they have to separate and go to different schools their perfect world starts to fall apart. Evan makes some horrible decisions at school and Laney is well all alone. In comes Dane.

Ah Dane, how to describe him. I guess you could say he is the rich bad boy because he is dark, handsome and mysterious, but man he treats Laney like a queen from the get go. He keeps everything close to the vest but sees something different about Laney and winds up watching his sturdy walls of defense come down brick by brick. He tries to give her the time she needs to choose him but a man like that can only wait so long.

I hate to love, love triangles but I guess it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I didn't know who to root for because I loved both Evan and Dane. I totally understand why Laney had such a difficult time choosing between the two. Usually the girl ends up looking selfish and just ugh, but not in this story. Laney was honest and kind and made everyone fall in love with her. Honestly, this book made me want to kick Evan when he did something stupid, shake Dane for not being completely open with her, but mostly I wanted to grab Laney into a big hug and cry with her because she is exactly the kind of girl I want as my friend. (BTW I am not going to give it away but I wanted to so smack a certain someone across the face. Man she made me angry.) Who will she choose Evan or Dane? Read it to find out trust me its worth it and I can excitedly say I can not wait to see what happens next.  

Laney is the innocent, tomboyish, raised by a single father, girl next door. Evan is the sweet, all American, football player, boy next door. Seems perfect doesn't it? They thought so too. Being separated for college is not what they expected to happen to them. Laney thinks it is best for them to return to being best friends instead of boyfriend/girlfriend, she doesn't want anything to ruin the friendship they have had since they were 9 years old.

As Laney settles in at her school she easily becomes friends with her new roommate. They attend a getting to know you event in their dorm and they meet Dane.

"His eyes are big and brown and he smiles all the way through them. His skin is dark, like he's tan all year round, and he carries himself with a kind but yeah, I know you're looking air."
Laney is trying to find the balance between her new friends, the mystery that is Dane, and her life with Evan. She is not technically with Evan but she still feels guilty for the feelings she has developing for Dane. Dane is sweet, protective, understanding, respectful....he does not push Laney into anything and he takes his time with her.

"It means, Laney, that I want to get to know you better."

Meanwhile Evan is trying to stay connected to Laney, wanting so much more than to just be friends. When obstacles get in their way he fights to make things right and get to the bottom of things.

Laney is confused about Evan's feelings for her because of their agreement to be friends and their distance.

" 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' my ass. How about 'absence makes the head dizzy and fills the heart with aching bewilderment'."

Emerge (Evolve Series) is written from multiple POVs, allowing the reader to see this story from different angles. Most of the book is from Laney's POV however the snippets from Dane and Evan made it hard to choose sides. Both of these boys truly care for and love this girl. The flow of their story is well written, it is not all over the place but it still keeps you wondering....

....who will give up everything for Laney, and at what cost? Read Emerge (Evolve Series) and find out!
I could not get enough of this story and I would love your feedback as well....go buy it today, read it and comment below!


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