Monday, May 27, 2013

Looking For Me By Angela Duirden

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LFM Synopsis:Remona "Mona" Bishop was forced into a world of hatred and confusion. After the death of her grandmother; Big Momma, she is forced into the foster care system. But all of the "old folk" teaching that Big Momma instilled in her; were washed away with pain, shame, and haunted dreams. After running away from her foster care home, she lands into the arms of Lee. It is then, Mona quickly finds the love she needed that Big Momma once shared with her. But, when Lee gets the chance to follow his dream, the world he'd once desired becomes his worst enemy. Can Mona save Lee and restore the man she'd fell in love with? Or will she join him to keep the love? Author Angela Duirden-Galbreth, provides a story of love, triumph, and survival in this suspense- filled story "Looking for Me".

LFM II Synopsis:The sequel continues... Now that Lee has found himself in deep trouble with notorious drug-lord, King, Lee is given the opportunity to wipe his debt clean. But when a cruel twist of fate deals the couple a bad hand, Lee is arrested and carted off to prison in Mexico. Leaving Mona left alone to battle her addiction, haunting dreams, and facing eviction without two pennies to rub together, King is waiting in the wings with the seduction of money, power, and ample means to satisfy Mona's craving. Submitting to the unthinkable, Mona puts her relationship with Lee to the ultimate test. After Lee's return, can their relationship handle the truth? Or will bittersweet lies, deceit, and deadly soul ties have devastating consequences? Written with undeniable passion, Author Angela Duirden-Galbreth, provides a scandalous roller coaster ride illuminating the harsh realities of love, survival, and the challenge of finding hope and healing in this literary suspense- thriller, Looking for Me II: Bitter Sweet Lies and Soul Ties.


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