Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Panty Thief of Bridgeport

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Its springtime in Chicago 1995 and someone has been prowling the working class/southside neighborhood of Bridgeport stealing women's panties. Jack Squat, a 20 something with a mysterious mechanism that is biorythmically integrated into his very spine has been gliding cautiously through his inner city life until he falls in love and has his heart broken by a beautiful ad executive named Samantha. When his 'mechanism' malfunctions at the worst possible time, Jack is forced to engage in a battle against this mysterious biological system of pulleys and levers that dwells within the depths of his own marrow. In the complex emotional game of cat and mouse that ensues it becomes obvious that what is at stake here is not only Jack's sense of self-worth, but his very soul. 

Ed Wagemann Told us about his books :

I wrote The Panty Thief of Bridgeport in 1996 as part of my graduate thesis at Columbia College.  I also won a literary prize, The Golden Circle Award for Creative Non-Fiction that year for my essay "Streetball Junkie" which was published in both the Hair Trigger litearay journal and Sport Literate Volume 1.  I'm currently working on a novel titled The Abortion Doctor's Wife which deals with some of the moral delimas of the abortion issue.  And I write a monthly blog titled Generation A.D.D. Here is the link for my blog 

About ed wagemann:

Ed Wagemann was raised in a small Midwest town (population 3,000)on top of a wooded hillside overlooking the Illinois River just a few miles south of Peoria, illinois. In 1991 he moved to Chicago and became a student of urban life. He currently is employed as a substitue teacher in Chicago Heights and is a member of the Air Force National Guard. He has one son and one daughter. 

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