Monday, April 29, 2013

Gillespie and I

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   By Jane Harris
  • Won International IMPAC dublin Award.
  • Long listed for the orange prize for fiction 2012.
  • Subject: Fiction, history, mystery, tragic.
  • Main Characters: Harriet Baxter, Ned, Addie Bundren, Anse Bundren, Darl Bundren, Jewel Cash, Bundren Dewey, Dell Bundren, Vardaman Bundren, Vernon Tull, Cora Tull, Lafe, Whitfield, Peabody, Samson, Armsti, Gillespie, Moseley, MacGowan, The Gillespie boy.
  • Number of pages: 624
  • Publishing Date: 2011
“Gillispie and I” is Harris’s second novel. This is a curious Creepy Novel. The story of the novel is set in 19th Century. The story is a masterpiece, full of irony, incidents and conversations. The story is about  Harriet who befriends with Ned in Scotland. The beginning of the novel fives an idea how dark the novel will become in the middle of the story. There are great twists in the minor scenes of the story.  The story of the novel is very inventive with lots of surprises which keeps holding to the interest in the story. There is a deep psychological mystery behind the plot of the story. The things presented in the novel not only means what is been portrayed. The character sketch through the words in the novel gives brilliant roles to the characters. The word of the story clearly show how criminal the theme of the story is. Ending, with a great mystery bring solutions to many difficulties which shows the element of hope in the end which adds to the interest of the story till the end for the reader. The novel is based on historical fiction and it does convince the reader one way or the other. No doubt it’s a gripping read!

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