Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wish You Were Here

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by Graham Swift
  • It is a worth reading novel that takes to the quest of a man’s life in search of his brother.
  • The novel has a rating of 3.27 and attained more than 108 reviews on and
  • Subject of Novel: Historic Fiction, Literature
  • Characters in Novel : Jack, Ellie, Jacks’s father and Tom 
  • No of pages: 336 
  • Date of publish: January 1, 2011 
  • Storyline
Graham Swift is a fabulous author who is the Booker prize winner for his awesome three novels. All the three novels were interesting in their own way. The novels which were the Bookers prize winner were Last orders, the light of day and Waterland. Now Graham Smith is again on fire with his one more intriguing creation Wish you were here. Wish you were here is all about the love and affection among two brothers. One of them left for the War that was taking place in Iraq against the terrorism. 
The novel starts as the husband and a wife named Ellie and Jack, who was a farmer but ending up in the owner of a caravan, lived on the Isle of Wight. The Jack’s brother Tom had died in the war in Iraq. But it's about the expedition Jack and Ellie started. Jack wanted to find out what exactly happened to his brother in the War. It is a spellbinding story and a journey which takes Jack to memories of his past. The events happening throughout the story were explicitly heart threatening, heart racing, blood sheds which leads to a very much interesting climax that grips an individual attention.


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