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by James Joyce 
The novel has been a great part of the history and adapted by the theatre plays, films, television series and in audio recordings 1958-2012.

  • Subject of Novel: Modernist Novel.
  • Characters in Novel:
  • No of pages: 632-1000 depending upon the edition.
  • Date of publish: 2, Febraury, 1922
  • Publisher: Sylvia Beach

The novel Ulysses was considered among the dirt and ostentatious work and somehow and an unreadable book. It was a time when these types of stories were considered as dirty writing. But now these types of stories are labeled under the modernist writing creation. He It is basically the story of a husband and wife and their extra relations being in the legal bonds with each other. The character Bloom who was having a wife named Molly who was a singer by profession. She was having an intimate relationship with her colleague Blaze Boylan. Bloom was having a sense that his wife and Blaze are having the intense relationship, in spite they are having a daughter. Who was sent to study the photography.

The Bloom often had an intuition of suspecting Molly, when she gave birth to a son Rudy over ten years. Rudy died after 11 days of his birth and Rudolph who was the father of Bloom, who was suspected dead by a suicide attempt. It is a story that makes a man how to live, how to be young and enthusiastic, how to control the storms that may ruin your relationships, the intimate and extramarital relationships that may drive you crazy. Bloom was the most lovable, down to earth and emotional person who end up in the thorn full and broken world. The story is todays story, the story of a modern society, the story of patience and love. 

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