Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fable Press June 2013 Speculative Fiction Releases!

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Author: B.N. Mauldin
Genres: Dystopian, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi
Blurb for "Belligerent":
Official Release Date: June 4, 2013
In a dystopian future the populace is segregated into castes. Belligerents, the lowest of status, are comprised of criminals and outcasts. Content as a faceless Commoner, Ryan has made a life for himself on the streets as a car thief. While the work isn’t the most noble, he’s known as one of the best despite his young age.
Ryan’s skills catch the eye of a flagrant Owner, bent on winning the virtual competition: Vicara. Newly branded as a Belligerent, Ryan struggles for freedom and acceptance at an academy specialized in training teams for Vicara. Ryan’s place on the team is shaky as he learns the truth and tragedy behind the person he
Join the Belligerents as we get our first look into the world of Vicara!


Romance Quartet

Author: Farzana Moon
Genres: Metaphysical Fiction, Historical Fiction, Spiritual Fiction
Blurb for "Romance Quartet"
Official Release Date: June 11, 2013
Balzeeb, the ultimate emblem of beauty and wisdom, is the object of love for two doctors, friends both:Haroon and Latif. While in deep mourning at the death of her third husband, in a Khanaspur cemetery, Balzeeb meets Haroon. Latif and Haroon simultaneously grow closer and apart as they share their pursuit of “The Princess,” as she is known. The spools of mystery surrounding Balzeeb are woven majestically around the myth of the serpent, tragically unaware of her true nature.
Romance Quartet is a weaver's dream, exploring its depths ranging from paranormal to metaphysical and unfolding during the War of Independence which split the continent of Hind into India and Pakistan.
Transcending all religions and impaling the heart, this story’s message is eternal, endearing and not one you
will soon forget.

First Light

Author: Adam Sigrist
Genres: Zombie Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi

Link (US)
Author info
Official Release Date: June 18, 2013
Series Name: The Zombie Prophecies
Blurb for "First Light":

Worldwide plague? Government conspiracy? Bioweapon disaster? Hell set loose?
You’re not even close...
Struggle alongside Donovan and his friends as they desperately cling to survival in a world ravaged by
the undead, monsters and other horrors. After being bitten, Donovan is led towards a flashing light in
the distance. Does the beacon offer salvation or merely a new challenge for him?
Zombies, monsters, secrets and lies. All of these things hurt, and kill, indiscriminately; finding you no
matter where/who you are. The Zombie Prophecies begins with these horrors and a mysterious light
calling survivors to a ruined apartment complex. Familiar, expected causes behind a zombie apocalypse
are absent, replaced with a fresh, horrifying view on the end of our world.

Trial by Fire

Author: Margarita Gakis
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Witchcraft, Supernatural
Link (US)
Author info
Official Release Date: June 25, 2013
Series Name: Covencraft
Blurb for "Trial by Fire”
Jade leads a structured life:
Routine job.
Caffeine addiction.
No serious relationships.
And now, she can spontaneously set things on fire with her mind.
Well... perhaps “normal” was never in the cards for her. As she questions her own sanity and spirals out
of control, a man appears on her doorstep and tells her that, like him, she’s a witch.
Pulled in all directions, her unbridled magic draws dangerous attention and Jade wonders if she’s made
the worst mistake of her life by joining a coven, or if she’ll even live long enough to regret it.


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