Sunday, May 19, 2013

Learn to tie a tie with the Rabbit and the Fox

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Written by Sybrina Durant
Illustrated by Donna Marie naval

Book Review:

The story is a picture story, written by Sybrina for the children. The story is explained through cute and bright pictures and very few words. The story has a lesson in it. It is always easy to teach a lesson through a picture book. the author has beautifully tought children that nothing in life is difficuolt and you can always learn when you have the will to do it. The book is lot of fun and includes both human and animal characters that interests young children who are in their learning age. In todays time, every one is following free and funky style. Wearing a tie makes you look like a gentlemen which has only been restricted to schools and on occassions. it is kind of important for every child to learn what would make him a gentleman in the future. The colorful illustration makes it easy approach of learning. The story is entertainment with the knowledge. The story is mainly for the young boys because of the concept it is giving. Story opens with an adventure of fow and the rabbit who live in the forest. the story serve entertainment and lesson at the same time. The story has a poem/song at the end which again adds to the story. poems and songs are the most easiest way to teach things to young going school kids. Not only children, parents can also learn with thier young ones. So the story is a good opportunity for the moms and boys who does not know how to tie a tie.
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