Sunday, May 19, 2013

Childern's Books by Deborah Carr

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"The Mayor and the Garbage: The Teen Who Saved His Town"

Fifteen year old Mike DiMaggio and his friends from the tiny community of Sleepy make some alarming discoveries.  First, the fish have died in the nearby creek where they regularly fish.  Were the fish poisoned by fertilizer, by the landfill that borders their town, or some other mysterious force?   In addition, some of the adults in town have died of cancer and one of the children has become chronically ill.  Could there be a relationship between these illnesses and the dead fish?  Mike is determined to find out what is going on, even if he has to become the acting mayor in order to get to the bottom of things.  This teen and pre-teen novel is exciting and interesting.  If your children love to read, get them the Kindle book "The Mayor and the Garbage: The Teen Who Saved His Town."  Let them see that teenagers really can make a difference!
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"The Parrot Trap: A Children's Story"

When twelve-year old Mandy and her cousin, nine-year old Kevin, go to an amusement park for the day, they meet a very sweet woman named Lydia who is friendly and fun.  She doesn't seem like a "stranger" to either one of them.  After all, aren't strangers supposed to be scary, gruff-looking men?  Within just a short time of meeting the children, Lydia has won their trust.
If you are a parent looking for a good way to discuss stranger danger with your elementary age children, you will find this book to be quite helpful.  It gently shows children why they need to be more reserved around unknown adults, without frightening them as much as the typical Grimm's Fairy Tales.  This short children's book is a wonder way to start an important conversation with your child.
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